Making Tax Digital for Business a simple solution

At MyFirmsApp we engage with literally thousands of firms every single month by phone, through live MTD webinars, 1:1 meetings, public speaking and attending exhibitions and events.

Undoubtedly, the time to respond is now. And that’s because responding in the right way is going to take some time to get right. The last thing you or your customers want is to leave this to the very last minute, forcing you to do something in a rushed, pressured manner.

Becoming an MTD-ready firm – A suggested implementation timeline looks like this:

  1. Respond to MTDfB and make the decision to launch your mobile App with the MyFirmsApp Collect module.
  2. Appoint MyFirmsApp (our average design, build & launch takes 6 – 8 weeks).
  3. Start to educate your customers on what’s happened/happening around MTD using our resource pack, which includes pre-written materials such as emails, blogs and resources.
  4. On-board your customers using the MyFirmsApp automatic on-boarding and training solution (runs over 3 months’ drip feeding education).

How does it work?

To see a full demonstration simply get in touch – but over the past 24 months, MyFirmsApp has been working closely with HMRC to ensure that you remain the trusted advisor in this new digital and mobile world; to provide you with a proven, compliant solution that’s simple, intuitive and easy to use, with everything required in one App, one place, and in your brand.

We call this new platform ‘MyFirmsApp Collect’ and it’s a combination of an improved App as well as a cloud portal.

This is combined with a roll-out support programme to ensure that all the on-boarding challenges and training of all your clients are fully automated and that there is full support in place to help and guide your business through the process peacefully and professionally.

In our view, the very best way to get the summary data is to use a single App in your brand (we make the App look and feel like your creation, matching your branding and logo). An App that’s HMRC compliant and approved, that sits on their device (phone or tablet) in your brand, gathering all this critical summary data automatically, solving painlessly the challenge of digital record keeping, and removing the requirement for *Excel spreadsheets and the need to consistently chase clients for data.

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