Head of Global Sales & Senior Executive at MyFirmsApp, Dan Richards delivered 11 reasons to launch your own branded Tax App live from Accountex. In his exclusive presentation, part of the Practice Progress Workshop series at the 2-day event, Dan showcased fresh content aimed at firms of all sizes.

Dan has been helping professional service firms grow and make the most of new techniques, strategies and technology for over 17 years. And with Smartphone use accounting for the seismic shift in the way we interact and maintain relationships, Dan delivered the unique Tax App solution to help firms overcome challenges in modern accounting, and ultimately put them at the heart of their clients’ mobile lives.

Dan says: “Business, finance and tax is increasingly complex and increasingly tech dependent. It’s a broad challenge but there is a broad solution in the Apps we build, that you can have in place.

“It becomes the single interface that clients need with you. Unless you are present where your clients are spending hours of time every single day, then how is your relationship going to extend? How are you going to ensure that connection?”

MyFirmsApp provides a unique, compliant solution for accountants, to help overcome these challenges whilst putting them at the heart of their clients’ mobile lives. Discover the App here and explore the benefits it can bring to your firm.

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