Over 600 firms of accountants and bookkeepers have recently launched their own branded Tax App. Globally, thousands of firms have done the same, and taken the decision to provide their current and potential customers with an App from their firm.

The profession is changing, the market is shifting and technology is moving at breakneck speed. So is this new tool, and the technology used to harness it, something you should consider for your firm?

In this special webinar you can discover 7 compelling reasons to launch an App – and get down-to-earth answers to the key questions firms ask. You’ll also have opportunity to ask your own questions live with global thought leaders.

Running on April 19 at 11.30am – claim your place here

During the session we will cover some of the key questions raised, and explore the most common reasons why other firms like yours have launched their own app!

Questions explored;

  • Why are firms worldwide launching an App?
  • How are they benefiting already?
  • What can a practice App deliver for you?
  • Exactly how can an App generate new clients and save operational costs?
  • What are the risks if we don’t launch an App?
  • How will it bring me closer to clients?
  • What about HMRC and tax digitalisation?
  • What will it cost?
  • Who can provide an App? – a review of other suppliers

We will also reveal why launching an App positions your firm as exciting, innovative, different and futuristic. Endorsed by professional bodies and with over 125,000 end users, you’ll also see how the App can simplify technology; bringing your systems together improving marketing, and enabling better communication with clients, staff and prospects.

This free webinar has no theory or hype – when you attend you will discover for yourself 7 reasons to launch your own App explored by thought leaders in a friendly, down to earth manner.