Purpose, One of the UK’s Most Progressive Accounting Firms, Selects the Leading OneApp Platform to Optimise Digital Connections with Clients and Prospects
“We see the App as a gateway”

The Jersey accounting firm, Purpose, has selected the leading OneApp platform for accountancy firms worldwide, to help streamline its ability to connect and communicate with clients and prospects digitally on their smartphones and tablets. The news that Purpose has just been named one of the top 5 small firms in the Accounting Excellence Awards 2019 positions the practice as one of the most progressive in the UK.

Purpose, chose MyFirmsApp for its proven ability to deliver effective methods of communication that are not reliant on email, which Luke Smith, Managing Director, Purpose,  believes ‘can get lost’.  “Having our own App will make it easier for clients to access all their financial information. Because we will be putting all the quarterly ‘SatNav for Business’ reports in the App, it will make it easier for clients to chart their progress and will undoubtedly generate efficiencies by allowing us to increase the number of touch points without increasing the administrative workload,” Luke comments.

The order for the bespoke App was placed at Accountex in May, a 2-day event that brings together over 8,000 accountancy and finance professionals. This was Luke’s first visit to the exhibition and being able to meet the MyFirmsApp team face to face following a series of phone conversations, helped build trust in their ability to deliver a solution that would meet the unique needs of the Jersey firm. Luke adds “The design for the front page of our App is quite different and as a shop window, is intended to sell our technology strengths in terms of App integration. Very few standard buttons have been included  as there are several aspects that just aren’t applicable including UK tax laws, the calendar and the mileage tracker – clients don’t need to record a three-mile journey across the island.”

Purpose is setting the standard for digital communication by investing in an App platform that will allow the firm to engage  with its clients on their smartphones and tablets 24/7 and to live at the heart of their mobile lives. The OneApp communication and content platform moves the accountant/client relationship onto a digital basis and connects clients to a single centralised location that delivers brand engagement and more client interactions.

Luke says he knows deep down that most businesses see accounting as one of the least important aspects of running their businesses. “They are far more likely to be worrying about their own clients or their staff.”  He believes that having their own App will make it easier and more simplistic to communicate with clients on a day-to-day basis and ensure that clients can locate any financial document they need quickly and easily. He views the App as a gateway and a valuable marketing tool for clients to show their friends.

Daniel Richards, Strategic Partnerships Director, MyFirmsApp, says: “Purpose is a great firm that has identified accessibility and responsiveness as key requirements for continued success and appreciates that high value clients increasingly expect their accountant to meet them where they spend most of their time: on their smartphones and tablets. It is a pleasure to work with Luke and the team and we look forward to the Purpose App going live very shortly.”

Purpose exemplifies what the judges of the Accounting Excellence Awards believe constitutes a successful firm with a 25% growth in revenue in 2018 and remarkable customer satisfaction ratings as shown by a 94 Net Promoter Score.

The firm is clearly one to watch and was recently picked by Paul Shrimpling of the Remarkable Practice to feature in his latest book ‘The Business Growth Accountant’ and Steve Pipe of AVN has been equally glowing about the advisory framework Purpose has built.  A clear-cut strategy to keep closely connected with clients and prospects by utilising new tools for digital communication sets the stage for even greater success in 2019.

OneApp is the leading App platform for Accountancy firms worldwide, that enables accountants to position their brand at the centre of their client’s mobile lives. Download and demo the App for free today and see how it can streamline your communications and digital engagement with clients and prospects.