How a Custom App will help your Accountancy Practice

Accountants are the most trusted external advisers to business, according to research in 2016. This offers practitioners a competitive advantage in their fight to attract and retain clients – but maintaining this status is becoming more challenging. Digital sharing of data means accountants can no longer rely on local business or client loyalty to fuel their client pipeline.

In today’s 24/7 mobile world, the accountant’s position as the first point of contact to discuss financial issues, is being challenged. Numerous alternative sources of information are just a few taps away on a smartphone or tablet – and many people trust Google and the other search engines that aggregate this information more than they trust the originators of the information.

Relentless pressure to do more with fewer resources also nudges clients and prospects down the quickest and easiest route to information on accounts, finance and tax.

By delivering this through a custom, branded App, you can neutralise threats such as ‘the Google effect’ and cement your firm’s position as its clients’ trusted and most authoritative anchor point in the mobile world. Embracing digital mobile will ensure you and your clients are connected when and where it matters.

A custom, branded App can neutralise threats and cement your firm’s position as its clients’ trusted anchor point.

Connect where the action is

Mobile Apps account for the lion’s share of time spent online; every demographic has embraced them. With an icon for your firm’s App immediately visible to clients on the home page of their smartphones and tablets, you can demonstrate that your firm understands and is responding to changing expectations around the accessibility and availability of services and support.

78.3 Hours

Research during 2016 found that in an average month people spent 73.8 hours in smartphone and tablet Apps

93.5 Hours

Usage time peaks at 93.5 hours for device owners aged between 18 and 24.

78.8 Hours

Research found increases in online App use across all age groups: each month, 35 to 44 year-olds spend 78.8 hours in Apps

62.7 Hours

The over 45’s spend 62.7 hours in mobile Apps each month.

It’s not hard to understand why. Mobile Apps are easily accessible and can be launched faster than the mobile web. They can also keep users more engaged and build brand loyalty, because they can support a more immersive experience than the mobile web, by providing users with greater functionality, integration, simplicity and utility.

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