Exciting times ahead for Apple users as iOS 10 is on its way!

It’s almost that time again, with a new Apple operating system almost here; specifically, iOS 10. Our development team are hard at work to make your App support this brand new OS from Apple.

With an enormous range of cool new features and aesthetic improvements, it’s something to get excited about!

Some big new features in iOS 10 is a new lockscreen that showcases your push notifications and texts without having to unlock the phone. Siri has also received some major updates. Third party developers can now add functions to Siri, such as launching an App and other functions. Smaller improvements include a more ‘intelligent’ and context-sensitive Autocorrect, a new photo analysis feature that allows your phone to generate albums. It’s also a cleaner and less cluttered interface for Apps like Maps and Music than before.

If this is your kind of update, you can take a look at the official iOS 10 preview page here.

Much like Apple, we don’t like to stand still and rest on our laurels. Our development team has been hard at work releasing new updates on a frequent basis. Over 300+ tweaks, features and improvements have been added in just the last three months alone, some minor and some important. These changes range from the all-new Stamp Duty Tax calculator on AU apps to integrated video channels. There’s also a new push notification system we call Segmentation. Other smaller changes such as UI improvements take up the bulk of that 300, but every change has made your Apps more powerful, streamlined and sleek than they were before.

The vast majority of these updates also all form part of a bigger picture, coming together to form larger updates. One of these is the new Segmentation module. If you don’t have that in your App yet, let the team know – customers are already successfully utilising this amazing new system. They’re performing actions that would normally be done by email but with a far better response rate and being easier to make.