Has Google Dropped your website?

Following numerous requests over the past few weeks from firms who are alarmed by their website rankings, we have decided to put on this special Webinar Briefing.

Lasting just 30 minutes, this complimentary session explores the recent, single dramatic change that Google made to its search engines and why it’s affecting professional firms worse than other businesses.

The result? Thousands of websites that are not ‘mobile compliant’ are being systematically dropped from Google search results.

Now, help is at hand in the shape of this one-off webinar running on Thursday 17th June 12:30 – 1:00pm with Q&A. You can register free here.

During this live session together we will explore exactly what’s changed, and provide practical steps your firm can take to protect your website and the future of your business.

The good news is that sorting this out is much simpler than people think. What’s more, responding in the right way will give you numerous advantages and benefits you may not have seen yet.

Warm Regards

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