Accountex was amazing

In our lead up to the event we wrote numerous blogs, linkedin Pulse articles, news stories and articles on what we expected. And @accountex 2018 delivered in so many ways. You got a real sense, a moment in as to where the profession is at and for those who attended one of the breakout or keynote sessions then you got to hear the content you wanted to help grow your business in the way you wanted.

On this page you can find the @Accountex 2018 showreel, you can see comments from leading accountants, along with comments from John Stokdyk, Amanda Watts, Tony Margaritelli, David Oliver, Daniel Richards and others.

Coming soon will be some of the most popular workshop sessions on video. . .

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Accountex 2018 Day 1 Showreel

John Stokdyk – shares his feedback on day one

Dan Richards & Amanda Watts

Accountex 2018 Day 2 Showreel

Paul Dunn – B1G1

4 Testimonials from MyFirmsApp clients

Tony Margaritelli – ICPA Chairman

Alan Woods – Woods Squared

Martin Levin – ABC Products (Martin Levin)

Logan Khan – The Boss Partnership