New Advisory Fuel Rates and mileage allowances from September 1st

HMRC has published the latest Advisory Fuel Rates (AFR) for company car users for the third quarter, effective from September 1st, 2019

There is a decrease in 1p per mile for engine sizes 1401cc – 2000cc and over 2000cc, although the LPG rate has risen 1p to 10p per mile for 1401cc – 2000cc engines.

The diesel rate for engine size 1601cc – 2000cc has decreased by 1p per mile also.

These fuel rates apply in circumstances to reimburse employees for business travel in their company cars or when employees are required to repay the cost of fuel used for private travel.

See full rates below:

Engine size

1400cc or less

1401cc to 2000cc

Over 2000cc

Petrol – amount per mile




LPG amount per mile




Engine size

1600cc or less

1601cc to 2000cc

Over 2000cc

Diesel – amount per mile




These new rates are in place until the next quarterly review on December 1st.

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