ICPA Chairman and speaker Tony Margaritelli caught up with MyFirmsApp at Accountex to discuss their valuable partnership over the years and importantly how Apps are shaping the accountancy profession.

Tony has been in practice for over 20 years and also works tirelessly on behalf of the membership representing them at meetings with HMRC and HM Treasury.

Tony discusses, in this clip, of the importance of making inroads into younger tech markets and how an App can differentiate and drive this forward for firms of all sizes.

Tony says: “An App will differentiate your practice like nothing else – and nothing has changed over the years to convince me otherwise.”

Modern accounting has become incredibly dynamic, with business and tax becoming increasingly complex and tech dependent.  Always-on clients are demanding instant answers from their service providers, and accountancy firms are no different.

MyFirmsApp provides a unique, compliant solution for accountants, to help overcome these challenges whilst putting them at the heart of their clients’ mobile lives. Discover the App here and explore the benefits it can bring to your firm.

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