As the Technology Editor of AccountingWeb, John Stokdyk understands how difficult it can be for accountants to navigate all the technology choices available to them. Accountex, he believes, delivers a great opportunity to see all the vendors together and to work out which options will fit their own individual strategy.

In this clip, he tells MyFirmsApp what’s hot at this year’s show and what accountants should be thinking about in terms of the fashion for platform applications. He says: “Making Tax Digital forced a surge in the Cloud and many accountants who went down that route are now asking themselves, where do I go next?”

John poses some thought provoking questions including: “Do you choose an exclusive provider or an App platform that opens the door to suit clients who use different add-ons, for example contractor related or retail?” He finishes off with the only question that should really matter in the decision process: “Will this improve my client’s experience?”

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