MyFirmsApp Redefines Automated Client Engagement with Behaviour-Led Messaging

This powerful new functionality puts automated client communications, 24/7, within the grasp of accountancy firms that are looking for a key differentiator

MyFirmsApp, developers of the number one global App platform that puts accountants at the centre of their clients’ mobile lives, has taken its market leading automated client engagement functionality to another level with newly launched Behaviour-Led messaging.

According to Forrester Research, automation is quickly becoming a core competency and is reshaping customer engagement through the deployment of technologies that help customers receive better service, automatically.

The powerful new functionality of Automated Client Engagement (ACE) 24/7, which has been developed using state of the art technology, will provide accountancy firms with a key differentiator in their client service and communication strategies because it provides a personal and unique experience to the App user.

It plays to the growing number of clients that prefer their accountant to contact them on their smartphones; a fact that is reinforced by Deloitte’s latest Mobile Consumer Survey, which reveals that 85% of respondents or 41 million people in the UK now own or have access to a smartphone.

New Behaviour-Led messaging builds on the existing automated customer engagement capabilities that already exist within the OneApp platform and intelligently detects user behaviour. One of the key benefits of using technology to enhance the customer experience is that ACE is fully automated and the client experience is boosted without the accountant having to do anything at all. The functionality includes pre-crafted messages that have been produced by in-house marketeers and are designed to drive the right level of contact with clients.

How does it work? If a client has used one of the calculators or has filed a receipt, the App automatically sends out a notification to the user’s phone, offering further support and details of how to get in touch directly with the accountant. The accountant can fully tailor the content of the messages and switch off any notifications that they do not want clients to receive. The initial version will work with the inbuilt Receipt Manager so that the accountant is alerted when clients photograph a receipt, input the data and save and export it. Automated client engagement is also activated when the 18 popular In-App calculators are used.

  • Behaviour-Led Messaging provides an innovative solution to the challenges facing accountants who say:
  • They struggle to get clients to engage at the right time to give them the right advice
  • Typically, clients engage too often or not at all
  • Value is often lost by having conversations with clients that are not informed
  • They are extremely busy and don’t have the time to manage and engage with clients as much as they should

Will Farnell, founder of award winning firm Farnell Clarke says: “Accountants need to open up their communication channels and converse with clients on their mobiles as this is clearly their preference. Technology is an enabler and an important catalyst for improving customer experience.”

Mike Page, Head of Product Management, MyFirmsApp, comments: “The shift to mobiles is at the very heart of the client experience and accountants need to evolve and enhance every stage of the client journey to derive an important competitive advantage.”

“Behaviour-led messaging forms an integral part of One App’s core communication capabilities; enabling accountants to connect in a way that suits their clients and ensures that messages are displayed within the dedicated home screen on the client’s smartphone. These types of message will generate a 90%+ open rate and by comparison, an email will only generate a 4% open rate, if you are lucky.”