MyFirmsApp Non-Executive Director, and global speaker David Oliver, spoke with BD Academy founder & CEO Rob Brown at this year’s Accountex event on the accounting profession and adoption of mobile Apps.

Rob regularly hosts the Top 100 Club Podcast, interviewing accounting leaders and global influencers about what makes the good accounting firms great, and David spoke about hot topics, including:

The adoption of Apps in the profession

“It gives the accountant control of the digital relationship with their clients, and it communicates with push notifcations – a game changer. All of the industry data says that it’s five times more effective than emails.

“Then you collect clients’ data painlessly, which saves hours of operations – Mileage Tracker, Income Management and Receipt Management.”

The single biggest threat facing accountants

“The biggest danger is disengagement – your clients are already using Apps and cloud solutions, and if you are already not providing that through some form of gateway that enables you to keep the relationship – you are increasingly getting disengaged at every step of the journey.”

The accounting profession – optimism, or fear?

“It think its a mix – there are the 5-10% – the Tayabali Tomlin’s, the Stephen Farra’s; the Soaring Falcons of this world who get it and are leveraging it, and they are the early adopters.

“The thing I see with accountants is a sense of being overwhelmed.

“It’s important to understand – you will be embracing cloud, it’s not going to be an option. What lies beyond the cloud is a fantastic opportunity now to move from low-paying compliance, to high fee added value services.”

Listen to David’s interview in full below for exclusive access.

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