The mileage tracking solution for CPAs

In today’s world, many business owners and employees are required to travel as part of their job.  Keeping records of mileage therefore is important in order to include the expense as a tax deduction.

Plus, if they take the deduction and get audited, the IRS will ask for proof of miles with documentation. This is where capturing data is vital and where our Mileage Tracker can help.

Providing your clients with your own branded App (including the Mileage Tracker) will allow them to automatically record all journeys, meaning less dependency on them, more accurate records and saving you both time and money in the process. They can then tag those as either personal or business.

Every trip will pick up, and they can export these logs to you at agreed intervals so they have all the data they need for their expenses and for the IRS. This can all take place in your own branded App and further strengthen the relationship with your clients, showing them that as their accountant, you are providing them with the tools to make their life easier, day-to-day.

They can also log a manual journey if they forget, adding the start and end location, times, dates and distance.

To find out more about how your own App can benefit your practice and to test out the Mileage Tracker, book a free demo today.