2015 budget

2015 Second Budget and the Mobile App Solution for Professional Firms

As George Osborne prepares to unveil his second budget of 2015 in a few hours’ time, our team is on standby to work around the clock, if required, to make changes to your App.

Everything that could have been done prior to today has already been changed, amended or updated in the App. This includes the calculators, the tax tables, tax rates and key dates.

Of course there is much speculation over what Mr. Osborne may or may not announce today.

Whatever changes are made, you can be confident that our team will be on hand to respond immediately.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

Warm Regards

Gillian Harris | Head of Customer Care | T: 0800 803 0826 | E: gillianh@myfirmsapp.co.uk