As a company, we pride ourselves on evolving, listening to you, our customers, and changing for the better. It’s these principles which have allowed us to build our brand, respond to many challenges and continue to grow as the world-leading developer in Apps for accountants.

We have recently had some feedback on the icons we use within our OneApp platform for MyAccountants, MyBookkeeper, MyAdvisor, MyCPA, MyIFA and MyLawyer, which has suggested there is room for us to evolve. The feedback told us that the choice to use a person in the icon was open to interpretation over choice of gender and diversity.

As a result, we’ve taken action to update our logo to better suit our customers’ needs and we are delighted to launch our new App icons. They are simplified and not open to interpretation, making it suitable to customers both existing and new across our worldwide base.

The icons are an evolution, and something that can work better, in many more places. They’re more refined, identifiable and each one uses a colour palette that allows for individuality and for the logo itself to scale easily across our various App containers.

We hope this post has helped to explain the change, so you won’t be too surprised when the App icon on your Smartphone or tablet devices looks a little different. We’ve come to learn over the past few years that changes can be good, and often the best way to evolve for the better.