Unlock business advisory conversations
with the content, tools and information contained within your App.
Are you looking to deepen your relationship with clients and share
meaningful, insightful content
but struggle to produce it in-house? 
Not being able to be in the same room with clients has created a gap that our App technology bridges. OneApp
brings your clients closer
at a time when the world is keeping them apart.
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We help accountants and professional service firms build stronger client relationships

Our qualified journalists and award winning writers craft and curate essential insight, advice and up to the minute news; delivered direct to your client’s pocket through your very own branded App.

Our services, skills and technology go one step further – positioning your team as thought leaders to unlock the true potential of each and every client relationship. Ensuring your firm is seen as a total business advisory solution.

Accounting firms globally, already use our solutions to:

  • Position their firm as forward thinking and technologically advanced
  • Keep their firm more accessible to clients
  • Help improve client communications
  • Keep their brand front of mind with clients
  • Attract new clients and referrals
  • Make their accounting tools more accessible to clients
  • Deliver cost and time savings
  • Help improve efficiency by automating manual tasks
  • Help their firm move towards business advisory services
  • Give flexibility to choose what tools their firm gives to clients
communication is more critical
than ever
  1. Across the Country, clients are messaging via WhatsApp and SMS and it’s causing significant risk, compliance issues and efficiency challenges. If you could resolve all this quickly, easily and make more money – would you?
  2. Email has its place, but it's hard to find what you need, when you need it, and important deadlines, updates and insights get lost amongst inbox clutter. OneApp provides a better way. Delivering searchable, accessible communication that's only ever one client click away.
  3. Your firm has most likely experienced a massive shift in behaviour over the last 4 years; it’s been a wholesale digital acceleration as a society, including remote-working. One key drawback however, is that while we’re all now communicating digitally (mobile, sms, WhatsApp and even social media messaging etc) – it’s a mess! Staff personal numbers and accounts are being used across your client base, and not just partner's. This creates many silos of data, dissatisfaction across team members, security risks via those platforms and numbers/accounts being used, challenges when/if staff leave and significant regulatory and compliance risks where auditable trails of client communication cannot be managed.
  4. Enjoy all the benefits of SMS/WhatsApp style communication with none of the risks. Improve practice efficiency, make more money, delight more clients, avoid regulatory non-compliance and have a more comfortable, productive team.

98% of adults are using message apps such as SMS and WhatsApp

Adults spend 76% of their online time each day on mobile devices

95% of sms style communication is responded to within 3 minutes

98% of messages are opened

90% of clients prefer this way of communicating over phone calls

Remove risk from your firm, increase security and ensure compliance - all through this one simple and proven solution. No more staff or partner cell numbers, WhatsApp or social media messenger accounts being shared. Enjoy all the benefits of this style of communication, established client behaviours and wider technology - while saving time and making more money!

takes the effort out
of client comms

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

“We are now very firmly in the ‘age of connection’. MyFirmsApp are now enhancing that at an amazing level, which is why so many of the firms I serve are using these. You’re giving clients access to their information and other things they might need to do a better job and, importantly, to stay more connected to you – great for developing client loyalty.

It’s a brilliant way of using technology to connect. The feedback is always ‘I love it.’ People are inspired. Just do it – you will be so thrilled that you did.”

Paul Dunn

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

"We subscribed to MyFirmsApp after being impressed at Accountex 2015. The implementation was smooth and the functionality has raised our profile with clients, providing them with useful tools to enhance decision making and controls"

Stephen Farra
Stephen Farra Associates
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