Arming clients with mobile tools that make it
super easy to engage
with your firm

Today’s digital tools offer a more streamlined way of communicating with clients and enable firms to share high level business content that we produce so the firm doesn’t have to do anything. This is a free service we offer to help support the profession during these challenging times.


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Helping you go where your colleagues, clients and prospects are already comfortable

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, smartphone penetration had already exceeded 90% through developed economies such as the UK, Australia and North America (Gartner). Since the pandemic landed – research shows a 47% increase in usage (statista) with the average internet user now checking their phones 58 times a day (vox).

Even looking around you, tells a story! In your family, on the street, on public transport, in cafes and restaurants, in office places and even the countryside – what do you see people holding? What do they use to take photographs of their kids, grandkids, or simply a pet? Where do they go to read a news alert, or check a weather forecast? Where is social media engaged to communicate with family and friends? Where do those in business check emails, access video-calls and even utilise cloud accounting programmes?

What has the generation coming into the workplace now grown up with – and have you noticed how clients are already sending you images of documents taken on their phones?

Discover OneApp

We make it easy for you to build a digital bridge with your clients

Over 90% of smartphone time is spent in Apps (Nielsen + emarketer). This is why we’ve helped over 2900 firms globally to access meaningful, insightful content through Apps.

Many of which also choose to utilise powerful tools – keeping everything in one easy place.

If you want to be visible to your clients, at the forefront of their minds and accessible when they need you – then the data, the logic and the experience of thousands of firms makes sense: be on the home screen of your client’s mobile device.

The content you make available through your own App is available 24/7. It’s searchable, easy and comfortable to consume. It’s never lost or out of reach – it’s always there, when they need it. You’re always there, when they need you.

Choosing to provide your colleagues, clients and prospects with your own App, will position your firm as forward thinking and technologically advanced. Qualities that determine success for the leading firms today.

What is the
natural next step
for your firm?

Your own App, packed full of valuable content, all produced for you with tools, cloud-logins and a range of services to choose from to support those firms who are ready for more…

  1. Meaningful, insightful content
  2. Updated daily and weekly
  3. Searchable 24/7
  4. Proactive push notifications
  5. All done for you
  6. Full customisation
  7. 37 Powerful tools for you and your clients
  8. Dedicated support and services
  9. Everything in one place
Example of a custom branded MyFirmsApp home screen on a mobile phone.

How we support your firm

Our team is dedicated to putting you first and delivering the best experience possible
  • We provide you an App for your firm
  • We help you launch it to your clients
  • We train all your staff and clients
  • We provide you and your clients great content
  • We provide exclusive tax and finance tools for your clients
  • We provide custom support and quarterly reviews to make sure you’re getting the greatest value

Great customer care

Our UK offices are a global hub for support and guidance. Open Monday to Friday we’re online to answer your questions and enquiries.

Be there

Dedicated account managers

Our Customer Success team is responsible for your great experience. Our dedicated account managers will get you off to the best possible start, and support you throughout your App journey with us.


E-Learning Hub

The e-learning hub quickly takes firms through a sequence of online training modules to ensure that they have both the data and the knowledge to enhance the client’s experience of the firm’s services.

Provided in video format, the training sessions can be viewed on the go, and most videos take no more than a couple of minutes to watch. Coupled with support from your CAM, the e-learning hub ensures your client communication expertise; helping you to achieve your all important client communication KPIs.

Accelerate Client App downloads with Auto-launch

Auto-launch is a simple solution that enables firms to upload their client data and send out a series of personal communications to the client base; encouraging them to download the firm’s App and take advantage of the benefits it offers them.

Keeping clients informed and up to date on changing tax and financial matters is an important service Accountants provide to their clients. This is seen as crucial value-added support that reinforces the role Accountants’ play as their client’s most trusted financial and tax advisor.