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MyFirmsApp COVID-19 Support Service 2020

COVID-19 is not just a world health emergency; it is an economic one too. Because of this, accounting professionals are being challenged on multiple fronts and with their resources already stretched to breaking point, creating content is a job that that too often gets overlooked. That’s why we have introduced our COVID-19 Support Service to help fill this gap.

Our business is all about delivering a daily stream of high-level digital content that appears on our customers’ own Apps and in a bid to help support the profession we are now making a selection of these assets available as editable e-books that  firms can brand as their own and share with their clients.

We will always believe that the optimum way to share content is through an App as it is up-to-date and keeps valuable information at your clients’ fingertips but realise that there are still many firms that rely on other methods – hence editable e-books.

Our COVID-19 Support Programme also features a series of webinars and podcasts that feature global thought leaders from the world of accounting who understand the challenges accountants now face. Both the editable e-guides and webinars are free for any accounting firm to download – what are you waiting for?

All the resources shown below are available on the OneApp platform.