Why the Australian Firm, 542 Partners, Sees the Phone as the
Vital Link
Between Accountants and their Clients

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I believe the last 12 months have shown how important technology and communication are, and how intertwined the two are these days. Also, how critical it has been that communication is timely, and in the format and mode that our clients are using day to day. Most clients get their news, information, finances and banking from their phone, it makes sense that their accountants are on board with this too,”

Stuart Brandman, Director, 542 Partners

542 Partners describe themselves as the new generation of accountants – the type that embraces technology to propel their clients’ businesses forward. They love using the latest technology to improve efficiency and business processes and use smart technology to provide their clients with an increased level of service and value to get them where they need to be.

One of the first Australian accounting firms to have an App back in 2015, here, we catch up with Stuart Brandman, Director, to find out more.

Stuart, as long-term App users how do you think its use has developed over time? 

It’s certainly changed from being a marketing tool, to being a more practical daily tool used by our staff and clients alike. We are starting to interface with our clients more and more through the App, to deliver key communications

What role does it play in the firm’s day to day contact with clients?  

It’s becoming increasingly important, especially now more and more communication is delivered via Apps (government bodies, security codes, Xero etc). So it’s really an extension of that

Is it used extensively as a communication channel? 

More from a notification perspective, important dates, due dates, payment reminders etc.

What do you find it most useful for? 

To allow clients to have everything in one place. Receipt Bank, Mileage Tracker, Team Profiles etc

Which tools do you rate as the most valuable? 

The tax calculator (individuals) and the Net pay calculators are tools we use extensively in practice and in client meetings. So handy!

Do you see having your own App as a differentiator? 

Yes – it shows a forward thinking firm, and a partnership with clients that demonstrates that we are committed to communicate in their language and their mediums

With regard to content provided by MyFirmsApp, how does that help you in terms of efficiency gains?

It saves a lot of chasing of individual clients and helps because we can bulk disburse our information to a source that we know will be received (unlike emails!)

Do you also send your clients content produced in-house?

Marketing content yes – like newsletters – blogs etc

Do you use your App to market the firm to prospects? 

More increasingly it’s becoming a selling point

Our thanks go to Stuart for taking the time to share their experiences.