COVID-19 Autumn Reset Pack

The COVID-19 crisis is creating a unique challenge for accounting professionals who are going that extra mile to support their clients at a time of ongoing uncertainty. With so much to keep track of, this pack provides high-level content in the form of topical guides that can be shared with your colleagues and clients. Simply, brand the editable e-guides contained in the pack with your own logo and share away.

The e-guides cover a range of topics from how to keep business development alive when the world is slowing down, ways to reach peak mental fitness at times of prolonged stress and how to connect effectively using the best digital tools. Last but not least, the pack includes detailed COVID-19 support,  which pulls together all the legislation, guidance and specific help for businesses introduced since March 2020 to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Helpful Resource


Covid-19 Editable E-book


How to Keep Business Development Alive


How to Reach Peak Mental Fitness