February 25th, 2021

“The mobile app has been a transformative tool in our practice because it created a dedicated space on our clients’ phones where they can receive communication from us and we can provide tools for daily interaction, training, and access to important features of our service.” Jennifer Brazer, CEO, Complete Controller 

If you are concerned about how to successfully manage the client relationship when it is solely virtual, an article that appeared on AccountingWeb.com is well worth a read. 

Written by Jennifer Brazer, CEO of Complete Controller; a company that has always been way ahead of its time and operates in a virtual environment, she looks at what can be done in daily practice to bridge the divide between human contact and virtualization?

Jennifer makes the point that this is not the time for burying heads in the sand and advocates fostering communication through multiple channels as per clients’ preferences. Cloud Controller, uses email, which is customised to each client, phone, text, and the MyBookkeeper mobile app, which she describes as a ‘transformative tool’ in the practice. 

It is all about using these channels to touch clients with impactful information about their topics of interest. Gone are the days of letting the year pass and then sending out an annual engagement package or leaving it to untargeted email blasts to build effective relationships. 

Jennifer shares seven remote work best practices that have helped her team develop lasting trust bonds with clients without ever meeting them in person – something we can all learn from.  And concludes with sage advice that it is everyone’s responsibility to change the way they do business so they can build valuable, lasting bonds with their clients for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about the mobile App Complete Controller uses please email danielr@myfirmsapp.com to arrange a chat. 

About: MyFirmsApp developed the first ever custom App for the profession in 2012 and now there are around 3000 accountants that find, with the help of simple and natural digital solutions, they can drive deeper relationships with their clients. 

Delivering powerful technology is only part of the solution to the digital communication challenge faced by firms across the globe. These digital solutions need to be supported with expert services which deliver on the firms’ strategic objectives.  


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