How to cancel your App service with MyFirmsApp™


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A simple process to give you peace of mind

We are sorry you are considering cancelling your App service.

Cancelling your App is an important decision as it affects you, your firm but also all of the people who have downloaded your App.

To help provide peace of mind we operate a simple, 3 step cancellation process. To avoid any errors and if you choose to continue with your cancellation we support you through this exit.

Your 3-step cancellation process

Providing you are within the terms and conditions of your order, and you can legally cancel, then the process is below – feel free to contact us if you need a copy of your order.

  1. Arrange a call together to discuss the exit process, the impact and how to communicate to those who have your App installed
  2. During the call we will take you through the considerations then send you an online form to sign and confirm your cancellation.
  3. If done during the call we will receive a copy each of the document in real time and this will initiate the cancellation process. This will include the removal of your App from the relevant App stores so it will no longer be available for download. Please note: Anyone who has downloaded your App will still have it on their device. You will need to write or email them to confirm that it’s no longer supported and therefore the financial data will be out of date and cannot be relied upon.

Key considerations

Before making the decision to cancel your App service it’s worth gathering all the facts together to make an informed decision.

  1. How many App users do you currently have?
  2. What are your 3 key reasons for cancelling?
  3. If you continued with your App, what are the big benefits?
  4. Is there anything that MyFirmsApp can do to help?
  5. If you do cancel, how will you tell your App users that the App is no longer supported? Don’t forget, your App will remain on their devices until they delete it.