How Complete Controller is
Winning More
Tech Savvy Clients with an App

"The cloud platform was sexy a decade ago but the phone is the future"


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About Complete Controller

Complete Controller is somewhat unique in the accounting services market with a clear focus on fulfilling bookkeeping, document storage and performance reporting for small businesses, non-profit organisations and family trusts. Anything related to tax is left to the tax advisers to handle.

The 14 year old company has always been way ahead of its time; operating in a virtual environment with each customer having their own cloud desktop, which CPAs can also access for tax and assurance work.

Jennifer Brazer, CEO and Founder says that it is looking to appeal to the next generation of clients. “Technology is now and the future and our clients want a long-term relationship with a firm that demonstrates those values from day one. It’s all about them knowing that we are tech savvy.”

Finding the Right Tools to Connect with the New Generation 

The team soon realised that a tool was needed that would allow customers to send them receipts and documents without having to use a scanner. The search brought Jennifer to the App market and her initial thoughts were around whether the Intuit App could work for them.

“The problem was that it was not our brand our clients would see. Neither could we customise that App and every step of the way, we need to take ownership and show that we’re valuable. 

The team then explored getting their own App developed by an external engineering company but decided against it as it would inevitably require in-house management and would cost across the board. 

We didn’t know the App developer business so it was like throwing darts at a wall.”

Jennifer started looking around for another option and during her research ‘MyFirmsApp came up”

‘Full of Features I Hadn’t Even Thought of’

Jennifer quickly realised that she had found a solution that would give the organisation its own branded one-to-one channel so it could communicate more effectively with clients.

  • It was easy easy to choose tools that are right for the firm and to brand the App as the firm’s own’
  • ‘The ‘MyBookkeeper’ App solution looks bigger and better and more tech forward than the competition’
  • ‘It is full of features I hadn’t even thought of to fill out the user experience’ 
  • ‘The work’s been done for you as it’s already engineered and with a dashboard to operate’
  • ‘Communication would be easier as we were working with a company that spoke the same language and a deadline could be set for completion’
  • ‘It was in someone’s else’s hands’
  • ‘We realised we could mirror the cloud desktop in the future’

“From start to finish, MyFirmsApp’s primary value is that they make the App easy to understand and easy to use. We are working with a company that understands our needs”

Full Speed Ahead to Secure Client Adoption 

Initially, the Complete Controller App was introduced to existing customers as a way to send receipts and sales records, mileage and expense reports to keep for the record or for reimbursement and to stay on top of FTC alerts and IRS guidelines. A softly-softly approach helped get clients used to the idea but it soon became clear that more education would be required to get widespread adoption. 

The team came up with a clever idea: they made it a requirement for all new clients to authenticate their email contact information on the App before they could establish cloud desktop access and the help desk and lo and behold, the adoption rate soared!

“Now, we have 100% adoption with onboarders and the App has become part of the service we offer. It gives them all the tools they need to be successful and demonstrates that we are a tech forward organisation.”

Integrated into the Sales Process as a Qualifier 

So successful has the App proved, now it is being integrated into the sales process as a qualifier.

“We tell potential clients and industry colleagues that if they want to get to know more about us, then download our App. It shows without doubt that we are at the cutting edge of technology and gives them a preview of value we will bring to the relationship. The cloud platform was sexy a decade ago but the phone is the future.”

Making Lives Easier 

Jennifer is a passionate believer in the value of the App and is getting the less ‘tech savvy’ clients to see that it can make their lives easier.

“I tell them that the App delivers a way of communicating if the cloud is down or we are out of the office.”

It’s not just about being able to connect: it’s about building relationships that are valuable and one way of doing this is by using the App to send clients relevant and ‘engaging’ content. As this is produced by MyFirmsApp, the team does not have to spend its time writing and it helps clients to  see ‘the App as informational.’

“We have created a way to get information to our clients and keep them informed. The market has shifted and the new generation expects us to know what they need and to provide it for them. They don’t typically do 2-way engagement and won’t value irrelevant information that appeals to the masses; they expect all the information we deliver to be customised to their needs. We decide what works and push only relevant content to them.”

Favourite tools:

  • Receipt tracker“It’s free to use and will become more prolific over time”
  • Calculators“Our clients love these”
  • Mileage tracker“So easy to use”

Work has already started on incorporating solutions for Payable approval and Document storage into the App and customers are delighted.

Advice to Other Firms 

“An App is a great place to start without investing thousands of dollars – the cost value proposition is undeniable as clients see your brand on their phone every day. Just ask yourself, ‘how many times a year does a client usually think about their accountant’ and you then see how valuable it is.”

“It provides a way to connect with the market and present yourself as tech savvy without having to build a cloud platform. It will take you up so many notches for the monthly spend and you can tell clients and prospects that ‘I want you to use my tools as I have invested in them to help your business succeed.” 

Getting Results

By implementing OneApp, Complete Controller is showing the world that it is a tech-forward looking organisation with the right tools to help clients become even more successful.