Driving deeper
and more long term client relationships

“We don’t know of any other firms that have their own ‘awesome’ App' - as one client referred to it"


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A whole new way of reaching clients

The Connecticut based Certified Public accounting Firm, MMNT, LLC, has just launched its own App to increase the number of touchpoints with clients and drive deeper and more long-term relationships.

The App offers a whole new way of reaching clients in the palms of their hands and delivers the tools and tech that clients now demand so they can capture and deliver information directly from their smartphones.

With people busier than ever and less likely to take phone calls and read their emails, the App provides another way to communicate and allows MMNT to send direct push notification messages that appear on the home screen of their clients’ mobile devices. The firm plans to encourage all of its 2000 strong client base and non clients too, to download it and engage with the fast moving content and its 37 powerful tools.

More than just a conversation piece

More than just a conversation piece, the tools within the App are helping clients to more easily capture and share information with the MMNT team.  The inbuilt scanner is proving a boon to productivity.

During the busy season, at least one member of the 12 strong administrative team would typically spend the entire day scanning but the App is changing that and it now takes just seconds to drag and drop the client file and get rid of a ‘very tedious’ process.

“We say to clients, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a scanner, if you’ve got a smartphone you can scan your documents and send them to us.”

‘Positions the firm as forward thinking’

Karl Badey CPA, MST, Tax Services Partner, says: “We see having our own App as a real differentiator and it will appeal to a generation of tech oriented clients who want to use their mobile devices to communicate with us.

“We believe it positions the firm as forward thinking and will create efficiencies for both our clients and for us. It is already saving us time and requests for information that are posted within the App are proving more effective than email.

“The number of follow up calls and reminders has been cut dramatically and instead of being told that they didn’t receive the email, we are finding there is an almost immediate response.

“We don’t know of any other firms that have their own ‘awesome’ App as one client referred to it and the feedback has been excellent.”